(Analyzer prices include software, subject cables, and an initial supply of electrodes)
Item# Name Base Price Options  
Q5S Quantum-V
Segmental BIA
Q4 Quantum-IV $2,690.00
Q4-PLUS Quantum-IV-PLUS $3,590.00 See what's included.
Q3 Quantum-III $4,090.00
QDT Quantum Desktop $5,690.00
QX Quantum-X $2,690.00
Q2 Quantum-II $2,190.00

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Item# Description Price  
BC4 BC (Body Composition)
Includes 12 month update protection subscription, FREE!
BC4 Updates Additional 12 month update protection subscription $100.00
BC_iPad RJL BC for iPad(tm) $149.99

Educational Webinars

Description Price  
Technician (pre-recorded)


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Practitioner / Educator (pre-recorded)


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Purchase Additional Accessories & Supplies


Item# Size Price  
92500P Package - (100 electrodes) $30.00

92500S Stay-Fresh Pack* - (200 electrodes) $45.00
(save 25%)
92500B Box** - (500 electrodes) $100.00
(save 33%)
92500C Case - (5000 electrodes) $900.00
(save 40%)
Stay-Fresh Electrode Pack*The Stay-Fresh Pack includes 2 packages of adhesive electrodes (200 electrodes - 50 tests) and is priced affordably. The hard plastic storage box will protect the electrodes from damage when being stored, and will help keep them from drying out once the packages have been opened. Note: If electrodes become dried out, they become unreliable, and will prevent the patient from being accurately measured.

** A Box of electrodes contains one Stay-Fresh Pack and 3 Packages of electrodes (125 tests)

Subject Cables

SCLEM6 Lemo 5-pin Subject Cables
(For all Quantum Desktop analyzers and Quantum-II and -X analyzers sold before May 1, 2009)
Please Call
SC6PIN6 6-pin Subject Cables -- $60.00
(For all Quantum III, IV, and Quantum V analyzers, and Quantum-II and -X analyzers sold after May 1, 2009)
For subject cables for other, older instruments, please contact us.

Other Accessories

Item# Description Price  
TEST Test Resistor


PAPER Thermal Printer Paper
Fits the following printers:
  • Citizen PD-24
  • Seiko DPU-414

Purchase an Extended Warranty

RJL Systems includes a warranty with every instrument sold. To continue warranty coverage beyond the original warranty period, you will need to purchase an extended warranty. Extended warranties are only offered on models of analyzers in our current product line, and cannot be ordered for any discontinued analyzer.
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Q -X
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Q4 -
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