Interactive BIA Survey

For most of the last 20 years, RJL Systems has provided the Online Interactive BIA service, which allowed anyone with an internet connection to generate a one-page body composition report, regardless of whether they have access to a computer with our desktop software installed. Until now, this service has been offered for free and with no restrictions.

Unfortunately, like all good things, this too must change. We would like you to complete a survey. The responses we receive will inform our decision on how to proceed.

How often do you use Online Interactive BIA? 0 = never / 10 = all the time
Do you think it would be reasonable for us to require that Online Interactive BIA only be used with an RJL Systems analyzer?
If we required a paid subscription to access the service, what rate do you wthink would be fair? Amount: (in USD) $ per month.
Do you think we should offer the ability to pay per report generated? If so: Amount: (in USD) $ per report.

We are considering how best to improve the Online Interactive BIA service. Here are some of our ideas so far. Please rate each item on how much it would mean to you.

0 = this would make no difference to me / 10 = I would use Online Interactive BIA all the time

Customized report headers
Charts and graphs
Direct PDF generation
Sending PDF reports by email
The ability to choose different report layouts
Quick Report templates
Database support / historical reports
Adding the "Food and Fitness" section from the BC4 program
Translation / Localization (list languages / locales in comments)
Other feature (describe in comments)

If we made Online Interactive BIA more complete, more like a web/cloud version of our BC software, what do you think would be fair for that to cost?

Amount: (in USD) $ per month.

For that price, how many simultaneous logins should be allowed?

Please tell us a little about yourself:
Company / Organization:
Phone Number:
Primary Usage:
Please tell us what Body Composition Analyzer(s) you are using:

If you have questions or concerns about this survey, please call us at 1-800-528-4513 or 1-586-790-0200 from outside the US and Canada. You may also email us at