Marketing Materials

This page contains marketing and informational documents that we have produced for various organizations.

1-Page Brochures:

Managing Healthy Living:

  • In recent years, many doctors, fitness experts, researchers, and other health professionals have tried to determine the correct approach to healthy living. These professionals have developed or recommended a variety of methods to manage one’s overall health. The overwhelming amount of media reports and public discussion on this topic has created confusion as to how the general public can best manage their own healthy living standard through an optimal diet, the right type and amount of exercise, and an accurate assessment of current and future levels of health as a person ages.

Managing Healthy Living in Polar Bears:

  • (A Fat Bear is a Healthy Bear) A recent report compiled and published by the UK-based Catlin Arctic Survey and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) predicts that within 20 years Arctic ice cover will be completely gone during the warmer months. This is a clear indicator that global warming is affecting the planet at an alarming rate. These changes are also negatively affecting the habitat of many animals that call this part of the planet home.

RJL Systems Product Catalogue:

  • RJL Systems has received a number of requests for a catalog that could be easily printed, distributed at seminars and demonstrations, or simply perused at leisure away from a computer. The wait is finally over. Plus, as an added convenience, the last page contains a faxable order form.

March 2015 Edition