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BC4 Update, New Trade-in Deal, New Documents, and More.

Upgrade from a Quantum IV to a Quantum V Segmental Trade-in Program If you are interested in upgrading from the Quantum IV to a Quantum V Segmental BIA device, we are now offering an additional $500.00 towards the Quantum V

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Quantum-V Segmental PLUS

The Q5S+ package was designed to provide a new or established health practitioner (medical doctor, chiropractor, naturopath, fitness instructor, etc), all the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently integrate Quantum BIA into their practice. This package provides the necessary instrument,

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What’s in the box?

The Quantum-V Segmental system comes in a rugged carrying case which contains the following: The Quantum-V Segmental analyzer Two 6-Pin Subject Cables (one for the left side and one for the right side of the body) Four packages of electrodes

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Analyzer Trade-In Program

The RJL Systems – Quantum Upgrade Trade-in Program (QUTIP) allows practitioners and researchers the opportunity to trade-in an old BIA (both RJL and our competitor’s devices are eligible) for a discount on the latest RJL Quantum BIA devices. As the industry innovator,

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Privacy Policy

Download this document as a printable PDF. Last Revised 2018-08-14 Privacy is very important to RJL Systems, and we understand that privacy is very important to you as well. We believe that all information you give us should be considered

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Important Information from RJL Systems

We have added some new documents to our website that we wanted to make sure you are aware of. RJL Software and Cloud File Services (DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive, etc) A number of customers have contacted us about strange behavior they

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Version 4.0.0

BC 4 now reports Skeletal Muscle Mass, Lean Soft Tissue, Bone Mineral Content, Fat Mass Index, and Fat-Free Mass Index. New updated look and feel On-screen report preview On-screen tabular history The meal plan and the food group descriptions can

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RJL Systems is proud to announce upgrades to their Body Composition software

Clinton Township, Mich. — RJL Systems, the original pioneer of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, today announced the launch of the following to further enhance the practitioner’s and customer’s experience. PC & MAC Body Composition Software Versions Available: Our Whole

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BC4 Change Log

Version 4.2.1 If height is entered as feet and inches (eg: 5 feet 9 inches) instead of inches-only (eg: 69 inches): Display the corresponding inches-only height on the subject input form for informative purposes. In the entered data section on

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