BC4 Update, New Trade-in Deal, New Documents, and More.

Upgrade from a Quantum IV to a Quantum V Segmental Trade-in Program

If you are interested in upgrading from the Quantum IV to a Quantum V Segmental BIA device, we are now offering an additional $500.00 towards the Quantum V Segmental purchase for a total of $1,000.00 off your trade-in. The Quantum V Segmental BIA Analyzer comes with both BC4 (for whole- body analysis and reporting) and BC Segmental software. This will allow you as a practitioner to focus both on whole and segmental body composition analysis and develop specific diet and exercise programs to meet your customer’s needs.

Read more about the Quantum V Segmental system: https://www.rjlsystems.com/products/quantum-v-segmental/.

Complete details about RJL Systems’ trade-in program: https://www.rjlsystems.com/store/analyzer-trade-in-program/.

Introducing our Quantum V Segmental Plus Package

With our new Quantum V Segmental Plus package save over $400 on the extras. You will receive 4 extra sets of 6 pin cables, 1 additional seat license for both our whole Body Composition software and segmental software, 10 boxes of electrodes (equivalent to a full case, or 5000 total electrodes) to be delivered on-demand, and 3 additional years of warranty. All for $4,690.00.


New Body Composition Software Version 4.2.1

We have updated our BC4 whole-body analysis software.

For a complete list of the changes: https://www.rjlsystems.com/products/software/bc4/change-log/

To download the update: https://www.rjlsystems.com/products/software/#section=bc4

Managing Body Composition Hand-out

Many customers have been asking for a one-page document, suitable for placing in a rack in a waiting room, to provide an introduction to body composition assessment and BIA.

We created this document to satisfy that need: https://www.rjlsystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Managing-Body-Composition.pdf

Pre-test BIA Data Collection Form

We have also been asked by a number of customers to provide a sample form for recording the measurements from the BIA test, so it could be entered into the BC software later. In settings where BIA tests are being done en-masse or if the station for taking the BIA measurements is some distance away from the computer for doing the data entry, a form like this one could help everything flow smoothly. The back has a sample pre-screening checklist and release.

Download it here: https://www.rjlsystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Body-Composiition-Form.pdf

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