Important Information from RJL Systems

We have added some new documents to our website that we wanted to make sure you are aware of.

RJL Software and Cloud File Services (DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive, etc)

A number of customers have contacted us about strange behavior they were seeing from our Body Composition software. Upon investigation of the issues they were having, we determined that they were storing their database files in DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive, or some other cloud file service.

We have created a document describing, in general terms:

  • how these services work,
  • what sorts of problems could be caused by storing your BC database in one of these services,
  • what you should do if you are using one of these services and have not yet noticed any problems with your BC database, and
  • if you are experiencing issues with your database that could be caused by one of these services, how you might fix them.

You can download a copy of that document by clicking this link:

Cloud File Sharing Services and Body Composition Databases

BIA and Body Composition Glossary

Every so often, we receive requests from customers to explain what the different values on the body composition report are. This information can be found in the glossary near the end of the BC4 User’s Guide. The BC4 program can also add the glossary to the end of the printed report by selecting Definitions in the Report Options window.

To make it even easier to find, we have added the glossary as a PDF document to our website.

BC4 Glossary


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