iPad & RJL: The Body Composition App is NOW AVAILABLE

RJL Systems announces yet another exciting innovation for body composition analysis, the BC App for iPad(tm).

The RJL BC App for iPad(tm) is intuitive and sleek, allowing practitioners and researchers to track several key measures of body composition and biomarkers – like never before.  Its visually-enticing graphic and tabular presentation options are designed to help present clear strategies, monitor changes over time, and keep you and your patients motivated for change.

Health professionals can also choose from a selection of specific population equations and report size options.  In fact, providers can better manage their practice, by utilizing the software option to email a PDF report directly to their patients.  With over 2000 research studies and scientific articles to date on BIA, RJL devices have been trusted for precision measurements for over 30 years.

Read more about the RJL BC App for iPad at: /products/software/#section=bc_ipad or view the RJL App on iTunes.

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