RJL Systems Announces New Segmental BIA Medical Device—The Quantum V Segmental BIA

Clinton Township, Mich. — RJL Systems, the original pioneer of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, today announced the launch of its latest body composition analyzer, the Quantum V Segmental BIA. Whereas previous generations focused solely on whole body composition assessment, the Quantum V Segmental BIA is a Class II medical device that has now been enhanced to provide accurate and fast segmental body composition assessments of lean soft tissue (LST) and fat for 13 zones of the human body.

A unique and patented feature of the Quantum V is that the sum of the LST, or fat mass, is equal to the whole body LST, or fat assessment. The device provides quantitative objective regional body composition assessments that are similar to those provided by highly complex and expensive Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) machines.

“The Quantum V Segmental BIA underscores RJL’s leadership position in the BIA industry,” said Rudy Liedtke, Chief Executive Officer, RJL Systems. “This new offering provides a much more comprehensive analysis of segmented body composition that doctors, physical therapists, trainers and nutritionists can use to track and monitor their patients’ progress and health improvements.”

The Quantum V Segmental BIA uses an eight lead 12-channel multiplexer to quickly measure resistance and reactance values from each arm, each leg and the right and left torso, including the upper and lower regions of the human body. The repeatability and accuracy of the resistance and reactance measurements allow the smallest changes to be recorded with 0.1 ohms of resolution.

The Quantum V’s built in software automatically handles selecting eight leads, scanning multiple zones and calibrating each zone, making the device exceptionally easy to operate. The 13-zone resistance and reactance data is time stamped and saved on the unit, where more than 2,000 records can be stored for downloading to a computer using the built in Bluetooth or USB port – standard on the Quantum V Segmental BIA.

Appendicular and regional lean soft tissue and fat segmental composition:

Lean Soft Tissue and Percent Fat Mass and Percent
1. Right Arm 2. Right Arm
3. Left Arm 4. Left Arm
5. Right Leg 6. Right Leg
7. Left Leg 8. Left Leg
9. Torso 10. Torso
11. Right Half Torso 12. Right Half Torso
13. Left Half Torso 14. Left Half Torso
15. Right Half Body 16. Right Half Body
17. Left Half Body 18. Left Half Body
19. Upper Body 20. Upper Body
21. Lower Body 22. Lower Body
23. Android 24. Android
25. Gynoid 26. Gynoid

The comparative characteristics of segmental resistance and reactance measurements are highly significant, as segmental muscle atrophy and hypertrophy can be clearly illustrated by analyzing and comparing collected data as a comparative percentage or a percent change over time. The Quantum V is a highly effective, easy to use, device that can quickly and accurately measure segmental and total body composition that health care professionals can use to chart patients health goals and progress without needles, blood work or x-rays.

Also included with the Quantum V Segmental BIA is the Body Composition 4.1 Software, which can perform body composition and fluid analysis for the whole body.

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