RJL Systems has three decades of research, testing and engineering problem solving experience. We can put that expertise to work for you, helping your company design and manufacture advanced instrumentation and electronics for just about any industry. In the past, we have produced components for automotive, printing, machine-tool, transportation and medical device companies, including:

  • An ultra high-speed ink-jet printing interface to secure coupons found in newspaper inserts
  • A system to provide reliable absolute positioning using brushless resolvers. Used today to monitor each revolution of large stamping presses for the automotive industry.
  • Products for small OEMs requiring extremely stable signal conditioning in hostile environments using constant currant low frequency carrier techniques
  • Body composition analysis using a 50Khz carrier frequency — seen today in body composition scales found in many retail outlets
  • A porous interface that prevents artificial nail extensions from lifting off the natural human nail

From concept to completion, from initial consulting to final assembly, RJL Systems will work with your company to design, create and manufacture the tools and components it needs.