Quantum-IV PLUS

The QIV+ package was designed to provide a new or established health practitioner (medical doctor, chiropractor, naturopath, fitness instructor, etc), all the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently integrate Quantum BIA into their practice. This package provides the necessary instrument, accessories, and supplies to launch BIA at your practice the same day it arrives. You save 14.6% by purchasing this program instead of buying everything individually. This is a $618 savings.

Here’s what you get in the Q4-PLUS package:

Equipment and Warranties
Description Value
Quantum-IV with BC 4.0 Software $2,690
A two year extension on the Q4’s warranty (for a total of 3 years) $198
Two extra years of software upgrade protection and telephone support. (for a total of 3 years) $200
Two spare sets of subject cables. ($60 value, each) $120
TEN coupons for free (500ct) boxes of electrodes. ($100 value, each) $1,000
Subtotal: $4,208
Description Value
Technician Pre-Recorded Webinar $FREE
Practitioner Pre-Recorded Webinar $FREE
Subtotal: $FREE
Total Value: $4,208
Your Cost: $3,590
You Save: $618
Item# Name  
Q4-PLUS Quantum-IV-PLUS $3,590.00 See what's included.

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