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Product Overview: The Quantum V Segmental is the latest Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) medical device from the industry originator RJL Systems. The Quantum V Segmental has been enhanced with the ability to perform segmental body composition assessment on 13 zones of the human body. This Class II medical device provides fast and accurate segmental body composition assessments of fat and lean soft tissue (LST).

The Quantum V Segmental uses an eight-lead, 12-channel multiplexer to quickly measure resistance and reactance values from each arm, each leg and the right and left torso, including the upper and lower regions of the human body. The repeatability and accuracy of the resistance and reactance measurements allow the smallest changes to be recorded with 0.1 ohms of resolution.

Key Features:

  • Segmental body composition assessment on 13 zones of the human body, as well as whole body composition assessment
  • A key differentiator and patented feature of the Quantum V Segmental is the sum of the LST, or fat mass, is equal to the whole body LST, or fat assessment. Only the Quantum V Segmental is capable of providing the sum of the parts equal to the whole (whole body)
  • Built in firmware automatically handles selecting eight leads (electrodes), scanning multiple zones and calibrating each zone, making it extremely simple to operate
  • The device provides fast results, within 15 seconds, which are similar to the more complex and expensive DEXA machines
  • Quantitative and measurable results are easy to read and share, allowing health professionals to chart patient’s health goals and progress
  • The unit’s built in memory can store more than 2,000 records, which can be downloaded to a computer using built-in Bluetooth or USB port, standard on the Quantum V Segmental
  • Bright OLED display is easy to read
  • Battery provides an operating time of more than 9 hours on a single charge


(Analyzer prices include software, subject cables, and an initial supply of electrodes)
Item# Name Base Price Options  
Q5S Quantum-V
Segmental BIA

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Purchase Additional Accessories & Supplies


Item# Size Price  
92500P Package - (100 electrodes) $30.00

92500S Stay-Fresh Pack* - (200 electrodes) $45.00
(save 25%)
92500B Box** - (500 electrodes) $100.00
(save 33%)
92500C Case - (5000 electrodes) $900.00
(save 40%)
Stay-Fresh Electrode Pack*The Stay-Fresh Pack includes 2 packages of adhesive electrodes (200 electrodes - 50 tests) and is priced affordably. The hard plastic storage box will protect the electrodes from damage when being stored, and will help keep them from drying out once the packages have been opened. Note: If electrodes become dried out, they become unreliable, and will prevent the patient from being accurately measured.

** A Box of electrodes contains one Stay-Fresh Pack and 3 Packages of electrodes (125 tests)

Subject Cables

SC6PIN6 6-pin Subject Cables -- $60.00
(For all Quantum III, IV, and Quantum V analyzers, and Quantum-II and -X analyzers sold after May 1, 2009)

Other Accessories

Item# Description Price  
TEST Test Resistor


Purchase an Extended Warranty

RJL Systems includes a warranty with every instrument sold. To continue warranty coverage beyond the original warranty period, you will need to purchase an extended warranty. Extended warranties are only offered on models of analyzers in our current product line, and cannot be ordered for any discontinued analyzer.


Is there any chance of electrical shock while operating the RJL analyzers?

No, all of the RJL analyzers are designed with isolation transformers that prevent any harmful current from being exposed to the subject while being tested.

Will climate affect the BIA test?

Yes, but only when climate changes are extreme.

Is the RJL equipment FDA approved?

The Food and Drug Administration regulates all BIA devices as class II medical devices. Manufacturers must receive clearance from the FDA to market a class II device. Please visit the FDA website for more information on RJL registration and clearances. ( FDA Website – search for RJL Systems under Applicant Name or Owner Name.)

What is the life expectancy of an RJL analyzer?

So long as you take care of your analyzer, it can last a long time. RJL has many of their customers (from as far back as 1980) using their originally purchased analyzers.

Are the RJL analyzers very difficult to operate?

No, anyone can operate the RJL analyzers. It is helpful, however, to read the supplied manuals first.

In addition, anyone planning on using an analyzer in a clinical setting should practice applying the electrodes and collecting the resistance and reactance values to ensure that they are able to reliably and repeatably place the electrodes in the same spots on the skin every time.