We are having problems with our phone system which are somewhat intermittent. If you try calling us and do not receive an answer, that is probably why. Please try again later or send us an email instead. We will delete this mesage when we believe the problem has been resolved.

Staff Directory

Management Contacts:

Chief Executive Officer – Rudy Liedtke – Ext: 103

Director of Business Development – Michael Liedtke – Ext: 102

Chief Technology Officer – Barry Callahan – Ext: 112

Engineering Technician Josh Myers – Ext: 105

Production Manager – Paul Maletz – Ext: 105

Operations Manager – Jeff Polly – Ext:101


Departmental Contacts:

Customer Service:  cs@rjlsystems.com

Hardware Support:  hardware@rjlsystems.com

Software Support:  software@rjlsystems.com

Sales:  sales@rjlsystems.com

Warranty:  warranty@rjlsystems.com

Accounts Payable:  payable@rjlsystems.com

Accounts Receivable:  receivable@rjlsystems.com